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Heavenly Father Holy Cards

The Story of the Holy Card

While in hospital ministry, newly ordained Fr. Hess prayed with the sick using words that spontaneously came to mind. When he transferred into a high school, he had the prayer recorded and printed so he wouldn’t forget it. That was May of 1980.

Today over 10,000 prayer cards are requested each month from all 50 states in the U.S., and from Canada, Nigeria, Japan, and worldwide locations.

Requests from Puerto Rico and Bolivia necessitated translation to Spanish (blue card). The many testimonies and healings confirm God’s blessing to those who pray it. “I only printed it so I wouldn’t forget it.” God had other plans.

  • Pray the yellow card for yourself.
  • Pray the green card for someone else.
  • Pray the blue card in Spanish.

To help cover the cost of printing and shipping the Holy Cards, we ask a small donation with your order. This donation also helps with hospital and children’s hospital ministry.

Quantity / Donation
10 cards - $2
100 cards - $10
200 cards - $20

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